• What is DUCATO?

    DUCATO is Hybrid DeFi 2.0 Protocol that combines the advantages of existing CeFi and DeFi, providing reliability, speed, and decentralized stability through high liquidity and blockchain-backed smart contracts. Therefore, it can be used in various situations.

  • What is the goal of DUCATO?

    Based on its experience in operating lending and deposit services of digital asset, DUCATO aims to implement an optimized blockchain technology, provide user-centered services, expanding network participants and developing trusted algorithm and decentralized governance. With this, we will build a trusted platform that increases profits of network participants.

  • What is DUCATO Feature?

    Any user with digital assets can create KRWD in the protocol through DUCATO’s unique smart contract by collateralizing the assets. Those assets deposited will ultimately help the user to create the leverage effect.

  • How can I use DUCATO?

    The user can generate KRWD with digital assets deposited in DUCATO by collateralizing them. For liquidation, the user should pay down the KRWD and stabilization fees, and the digital assets that were initially deposited will be retrieved back. In addition, DUCATO will form governance committees and communities for transparent operations. 'DUCATO Token' must be held for users to participate in the governance.

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