Governance community
A decision-making system for a decentralized complete financial network.

DUCATO boasts a financial process that can gain the trust of all participants. The right to governance is distributed among the participants in DUCATO’s protocol, and safely arrives at the market following the introduction of an incremental delegation of authority, while at the same time, an entirely new decision-making body is formed.

  • Holders

    DUCATO holders are entitled to participate in the decision-making process while they own DUCATO tokens.

  • Committee

    Various blockchains and financial institutions provide insights.

  • Governance Operation Team

    A DUCATO team operates and monitors the system, for continuous maintenance of the ecosystem.

DUCATO Governance Process

All of the process goes along on chains that are directly connected to the system through a voting mechanism.

Governance Image

Gradual Decentralization

DUCATO aims at a gradual decentralization to achieve the increase of the volume of KRWD in circulation and vitalization of digital asset lending services.
Stable business operation and expansion through cooperation with actors within the DUCATO ecosystem are essential in early days. Decentralized services are proceeded following the stages outlined below.
Custody Interest Rate Price Feed Margin Call Liquidity Provision Governance
1st Stage D C C C C C
2nd Stage D C C D D C
3rd Stage D D D D D D
1st Stage 2nd Stage 3rd Stage
Custody D D D
Interest Rate C C D
Price Feed C C D
Margin Call C D D
Liquidity Provision C D D
Governance C C D

* D: Decentral, C: Central