DUCATO tokens
Key currency of DUCATO’s ecosystem for financial services

DUCATO tokens serve as the key currency in the ecosystem of financial services DUCATO provides. As tokens are utilized for the ecosystem’s stabilization and fees, token holders are entitled to participate in governance. The total number of DUCATO tokens issued is 50 million, as designed.

  • Fees

    DUCATO tokens are issued and used within DUCATO’s ecosystem. Significantly, the income and all types of fees generated from the CeFi platform’s deposit, lending and yield farming, among others, are based on DUCATO tokens.

  • Stabilization of the ecosystem

    DUCATO tokens play an instrumental role in the circulation of DUCATO’s financial ecosystem. DUCATO tokens provide stabilization of the ecosystem’s operation via the protocol.

  • Participation in governance

    Beyond participating in the DUCATO protocol ecosystem, owning DUCATO tokens entitles you to participate in the governance of the decision-making body.

KRWD tokens
A secure, stable token within DUCATO’s protocol

The KRW 1 KRW token, a stable token issued by DUCATO, has the same value as KRW 1. This contributes to the stabilization of market and virtual asset holders' assets, and this stability allows cryptocurrency to be used in various financial services.

Because KRWD is fixed to the same value as KRW, it is possible to organize a portfolio stably and its value is guaranteed by smart contracts in Ethereum blockchain.

The KRWD token issued based on the deposited cryptocurrency can be freely transferred within the DUCATO protocol, and can also be used in financial services and payment services.

  • Blockchain smart contracts

    All KRWD tokens circulating in DUCATO’s protocol boast high security and stability based on blockchain smart contracts.

  • Value secured by the Korean won

    Unlike other virtual assets with values that fluctuate, the KRWD token is guaranteed to have a value of “KRWD 1 = KRW 1” within DUCATO’s ecosystem.

  • Auto retiring algorithm

    KRWD that is issued automatically retires upon redemption by the user, which means that less than a certain number of KRWD are maintained at all times.

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