About lending service

Securing the users’ virtual assets allows users to borrow additional virtual assets. This makes it a perfect means of investment for leverage.

General lending

This is a product that allows you to take out loans for virtual assets at delio and earn additional income.

Exchange lending

Take out loans of bitcoins from bethumb and make additional income.

Earn additional income with a few minutes of investing.

01. Sign Up / Log In

This is where you can sign up for membership on delio’s platform (delio.io).

02. Opening of wallet

Select the wallet menu at the top to create a wallet.

03. Lending

Secure the users’ virtual assets to take out loans according to the lending ratio (LTV).

04. Interest payment

Interest is paid immediately upon the application for the service.

05. Principal payment

The principal, which was secured initially, is paid after redemption fees are deducted upon the redemption of the virtual assets borrowed.

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