DUCATO’s ecosystem
We provide a secure, scalable financial service ecosystem based on the DUCATO protocol.

We provide an unlimited, scalable financial service ecosystem based on DUCATO decentralized blockchain protocol for financial services.
Through the service stabilization of a professional service improvement team, the ecosystem generates various incomes via DUCATO’s strategic partners and is also operated with transparency via the governance community.
The ecosystem will be utilized for payment and settlement as well as for wire transfer via credit card, PG service, and DApp connection, among others, while expanding across diverse services including decentralized exchanges, swaps, and electronic wallets.
  • Maintenance & Service

    The team at DUCATO which developed DUCATO’s protocol and the professional engineers in each part have worked arduously to maintain and improve DUCATO’s ecosystem. The service stabilization is being participated in by DUCATO’s team, RoundRobin, and Oracle, who among the best performing engineers in each field.

  • Governance

    Ultimately, the decision-making related to DUCATO’s ecosystem is made via the governance community. All DUCATO token owners can become active participants in the community.

  • Family Company

    The crypto finance platform in Korea, utilizes the DUCATO protocol to provide deposit, lending, yield farming, and electronic wallet services.

  • USER

    Through DUCATO, lending, savings, and yield farming, you can generate income and share profits via DUCATO’s ecosystem, while enjoying the advantages of DeFi and CeFi.


DUCATO ecosystem continues to expand.